Thursday, 8 January 2015


Seascape Hiroshi Sugimoto

This year, the only resolution that I decided to force onto myself is to transform my life into a way that I could claim I live minimally.  Therefore, I had to consider what does minimal living might mean to me, what rules should I follow and in what areas of my life should I be incredibly strict.  I decided on two main points;
1. I should focus on buying less. 
2. I should do a clear out and take note of what I already have.

I have many more things that I want to alter during the next year, my job, finishing my studies, better time management.  However, these are things that I am sure a lot of people would like to alter.  This year I will focus on being minimal in the material sense, by clearing out my drawers, shelves and wardrobe(s).  I will focus on maximising productivity, up my pace to reach my goals and fulfil my ambitions.

Approaching Shadow 1954- Fan Ho

Dior Homme Demi-Measure 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook
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There are lots of articles online about living a minimalist lifestyle.  Here are a selection for you to have a look at;

Here are some of my thoughts on why being minimal is important;
Minimal is lighter.
Minimal is less but of good quality so that whatever you posses can last you years.
Minimal is to take care of your possessions.
Minimal will make you feel lighter.
Minimalism is clarity.
A minimal life will help me to understand what my priorities are.

Minimalism is for the benefit of the future, the environment, and family.  It is to teach future generations to desire other things than material objects and to respect possession, to love what we have and where we are. I have been observing people who are inspired by this movement and it feels like this is the right time to try and to clear my mind. 

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