Wednesday, 25 June 2014

On Fashion

On Fashion

I have many art posts in my files started but not completed, waiting to be edited, but now something lighter, a short thought on fashion and a couple of rules which I always follow. 

Firstly, I have a limited range of colours that I wear as I do not feel good in bright colours.   I tend to stick religiously to black, all shades of greys, nearly all shades of blues and whites. The only pattern is stripes.  I do have some (very little) of other colours but these are remains of the past.  Sticking to certain colours limits what I can buy, and leaves less room for mistakes.  My only weakness is red shoes, I adore red shoes.  Another rule is that if I do not like one element of a piece for example ugly buttons, or bright underlay, I do not buy it,  even if the rest of a piece is perfect I leave it for someone else.  Another simple rule is that if I am not sure of something, it means I do not want it.   It saves a lot of money, and once I am sure I know I look and feel good I can afford something of a better quality. 

Finally, simplicity, less is more, and I mean shape and form, simple cuts, topped up with interesting textures and fabrics, this is what I love.  Here are some examples of what I enjoy looking at and what falls under my aesthetical sense. Clothing from The Row is something one can aspire to, to find and combine those textures and shades, like on Whistler's portraits. This delicate play of nude and lilac shades and contrasting fabrics, simply perfection. 

Image via Harpers Bazaar

I'm not afraid to be a bit boyish, to wear one pieces or tailored trousers.  This is a dream example by Yohji Yamamoto

Image via A'bout 

Look at those beautiful folds of slightly creased fabric, with a hidden pocket, simple minimal and classy.  I try to look in fashion for what I look for in art, design, even literature.  I wish for everything that surrounds me to be of a high quality (which does not necessarily mean expensive) and to follow my ideas on aesthetics and beauty. Those minute details around us make a vast difference to the final outcome of a bigger picture of the surrounding world. 

Very short today, but usually my thoughts are quick, as there are so many of them.